We all know that cameras can take good photos without enough light. As a matter of fact, it is important to have bright light for optimal illumination of the components being photographed. Different types of lighting are used in visual inspection machines, such as fiber optic, incandescent, LED and fluorescent just to name a few. The presence sensor is a type of device that sends alerts to the machine that the component to be inspected is on the way. As soon as the component reaches the target position, the machine vision system can take a photo of it.

As the name suggests, the computer processor or CPU is a digital or PC signal processor. Typically, ruggedized computers are used because there is a lot of dirt, high temperature, and vibration in a manufacturing environment. The role of a frame grabber is to Interface the machine camera to the CPU. Actually, it converts the analog or digital image data interview format that the computer can understand. Usually, the frame grabber is available in different configurations to support a variety of CPU and camera types.






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